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I am Queen (Alexandra)

I've been going by the name of Lex for some years now.

Through the pregnancy and birth of my 7th baby, born 10th April 2022, I have been reborn Queen.

Essentially I am mother, that's what the queen represents. (more on this later)

Every birth I have had has given me a death and re birth experience whether I was consciously aware of it or not. I have died to Lex, she has naturally come to her end because she has gone as far as she was able to go and fulfilled her role in this name.

Queen has a different frequency and is the beginning of the next chapter of life that I am writing, this is my contribution to a birthing society.

I am able to partake in birth energetically, by video call and even through the phone.

I will be extending my service to include the labour online.

I'll share with you some of my experience birthing my 7th. It was important to be alone birthing my baby and yet it was equally important to look into the eyes of a woman just as powerful as me, to ground, to anchor in and hold the space and so it was into the eyes of the Waving Being I stared, as I breathed through my rushes, waving, communicating to her without words, telepathically, and hearing her respond the same. An energetic transmission through the waves It is so powerful, it is difficult to put into words. (see attached video)

I had just transitioned my waves (contractions) were now lasting 2 minutes each at approx 2 mins apart. Breathing through using techniques I teach in Breath of Birth & Beyond, listening to hypnobirthing track from easibirth.

I am creating a birth documentary using footage I captured on my mobile phone of my pregnancy and birth experience to inspire women wanting to become mothers for the first time and even again and again.

For couples who are pregnant, especially for single women who don't appear on the surface to have everything in place, to give birth. I want to help you to take the imperfect and make it perfect for you. Working with all that is to create and experience fully the birth of your hearts desire.

I am offering dolphin initiations /experiences/excursions for pregnant couples as part of my birth preparation package. (more to come on this too)

I am honoring the sanctity and sacred rituals of birth and the 'Closing of the Bones', preparing women for the next chapter of life.

Mother! ...society neglects her but I want her to be and feel nurtured, held, loved and cared for, as she nourishes, holds, loves and cares for the life she birthed into the world. The life she holds in her arms, at her bosom and she knows with the greatest confidence that I AM enough!

May we all find the Queen inside of us!

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