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The Cycle of Birth, Life, Death & Re-Birth
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The Souls Choose Their Parents 

I want you to Imagine a realm existing in a dimension that we cannot see with our two eyes.
This place is called the 'land of the unborn', here souls are looking at the earth saying how beautiful this planet is and how much they would like to have created for them a human body with which to experience this planet.
The next thing they would have to do is choose a mummy, she will be the portal where the vehicle/body for the souls vehicle/body to gestate.
Then, once fully gestated, this baby can be born through her mummy, the gateway/door, with which to come through to this physical plane, spirit integrates and is made matter.
But, not just a mummy is needed, a daddy too!

The soul chooses two, they will make the perfect couple, as they have everything required in order for that soul to have the experience on this earth they are coming for! 

The Call

We beings of the female species are being called to prepare our wombs for birth, if we hear the call and are aware, then we not only listen to the call, but we respond to that which we are being called to.

Many past traumas can be stored in the cellular memory of the womb.
Abuse, miscarriages, abortions, the want for a baby that has not yet come, for example.
These have the potential to manifest as fybroids, cervical cancer and so on.
One may need to get extra support to clear our psychology, the emotions as well as our physiology.
This can take place by way of 'The Breath of Birth & Beyond', Yoni Steams, detoxes and so on.

You may also be at a point in your life where you feel ready to be a mother and would simply like to prepare your wombspace to consciously call in the soul wanting to be born through you.
This is also something we are able to Guide you through.

Are you Hearing the Call for a Conscious Conception?
How will you Respond?
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conscious parenting
The Cycle of Birth, Life, Death & Re-Birth
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Souls Choose Their Parents 

One of the lessons the hummingbird came to show me was that I was not just there for the woman to birth her baby, but to support this powerful opportunity for the woman to rebirth herself.

I have learned along the way that this is also a powerful opportunity for a man to become a daddy,

he too is able to re-birth himself.

The two go from being single entities, to enjoying each other in a relationship and then transition from being just partners, into parents.

This is more than just a title or role or duty!

That this lesson is equally about the couple learning from this soul and in choosing to birth in a sovereign way, keeping the soul in tact, the question remains.

At which point would you hand the baby/child over into a system that would induce trauma, therefore fracturing the soul?

 I was there to show the couple that they were a portal through which this being chose to come through to have an earthly experience, with its own purpose and mission to fulfil.

 Therefore, the parents had to learn not to impose their  way upon the child, carving out a path of who they will be and what they want the child to do, but, rather to ask him or her,

Who are you? What have you come here to be/do? How can we best serve you?

Show us how to care for, love and respect & honour you, your development, your path.

Then the role of the parents is to observe and listen to their baby, to nurture, guide and support this wonderful child in exactly that way, hence the term

'Conscious Parenting'.


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