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Becoming Conscious Birthing Guides
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Learning to Guide the Hummingbird Way

This presentation was delivered and recorded in front of a live audience in
Aljezur, Portugal.

Held at the residence of Fiammi, Aljezur

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Conscious Birthing Guide Training
Our Hummingbird is flying to Mt Shasta California, to deliver it's 2023

Certified Training Course for Guides!


The complete training package was
Delivered over 12 days with 50 hours content
12 participants
6 Guest speakers/Teachers
Held at the residence of Fiammi, Aljezur
Essencia Retreat Space, Aljezur, PORTUGAL

Are you interesting in joining our team of Guides and becoming part of a Conscious Birthing Society?
Click Below!


C0-Facilitators Experience

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"Lex radiates from an aura of feminine truth transmitting her earth-based knowledge together with her lived experience and divine wisdom in a way that inevitably leads into the homecoming of one's soul. It was an honour for me to teach at the Hummingbird Course and take her brave women who are here for the new paradigm of birth with the wisdom of the ancient through a journey into their own wild womb. What a celebration!" - Sabrina Wild Gaia 

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"I was willing to learn about home birth and I decided to start to create a small circle around a wised doula. Lex replied immediately to my message in a telegram group. I met her... and I felt that it wouldn't be a normal/basic experience. Things unfolded in a very powerful and different way: - the small circle of women became a long waiting list of women willing to learn

- we had to change location from my modest living room to a proper shala.

- we started to have more and more ideas on how to improve the new path we were building in front of us


End of the chapter: the small circle became a movement of Conscious Birthing Guides in Algarve 


Lex is a wised, luminous, deep and ancient soul. Since the very first second I had the feeling to be in front of someone special, out of the box and with a greater, superior power and fully connected to the Cosmic Forces.

I grew up around her and we always had beautiful confrontation. 


I bless every minute spent with her." - Fiammetta Fiammi 

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"As a participant and co-facilitator in the Conscious Birthing Guide course I had quite a wholesome experience. From the moment Lex and I met magic and mischief unfolded in restoring and resurrecting our rites over how we birth, we merged our wisdoms and skills to birth this temple you're experiencing now. Co-creating with and receiving from Lex was deep and juicy... See my video. 

My contribution to the course was in assisting the integration of what was being shared through the course that could then birth these newly CBG's with clarity and confidence in their offerings for their own temple and share in the Natural Birthing & Wellness Sanctuary we're creating in Orca, central Portugal ." - Alora TEMPLO DA VIDA @ Damara Village 

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Conscious Birthing Guide Training 

Our Hummingbird is flying to Mt Shasta California, to deliver a residential deep immersive experience

Spring 2024

Certified Training Course for Guides!

Come and train with us The Hummingbird Way


For Future Courses in Your Area
If you can organise a group of 10 students or more in your area, the Hummingbird will fly over to your country and deliver this unique training experience to you.


Click here to find out what the trainees had to say about the course.

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