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Conscious Birthing Guides
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As Conscious women we believe...

To be Conscious is to be wide awake and aware.

Women who are aware of and in tune with their own body, mind, emotions and spirit are women who make conscious decisions about how to honour their whole selves and listen to their babies throughout their pregnancy, whilst birthing and into parenthood. These women take full responsibility for their decisions and truly own their birthing experience. Trusting their bodies and honouring birth as the natural physiological process that it is.

Who are we?

We are a group of conscious women, with an open heart and willingness to learn; who have come together as ‘Guides' to walk with conscious women through their pregnancy, birth

and those tender moments following birth to guide you to

where it is you want to go.

At Hummingbird each ‘Conscious Guide’ is a union between a Doula (Servant to the woman) and a Holistic Midwife (someone who assists the woman as a whole (mind body spirit) during childbirth.

We all feel called to this work by nature and see it as our gift toward the betterment of the future of humanity. [In raising the consciousness on planet earth] Some of us have been on this journey for ourselves consciously birthing our own children. Some of us may have taken formal training. ALL of us has experience and applicable & transferable life skills. It is all of this that we bring with an open heart to this role as Conscious Birthing Guides.

What we do

We specialise in supporting couples and individuals to create a birth environment that matches their needs. Usually this is an unassisted homebirth (without the presence of medical trained professionals), where you have made a conscious and informed decision to take complete responsibility for your choice to birth at home, alone/with your partner, and/or with guides, using only natural (drug free, non chemical) methods and without unnecessary interventions.

However we can guide you by providing a package of support and care if your choice is to have a midwife or OBGYN. We work to enhance those of the allopathic medical team as well as advocate on your behalf.

We can also support & guide couples and individuals who would like to prepare for birth in

a birthing centre or hospital setting.

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At Hummingbird we believe in gentle birth.

Therefore, we operate a hands-off policy. This means that none of our guides have been trained at a university to carry out medical procedures such as internal examinations, administer drugs such as

the epidural, morphine or any other. 

We have no incentive or motivation to push you toward having unnecessary procedures such as

a caesarean section.

We are not trained to use the medical machinery used in most hospitals and therefore we don’t.

We believe that prevention is better than cure. 

So in the first instance we provide excellent service and care to ensure your pregnancy is healthy and free of complication and/or risk. We do this by assisting you holistically using and sharing with you our applied knowledge and natural methods to keep you healthy or to treat any symptoms that may show up.

We will empower you by directing you to the well-researched knowledge that’s out there to support

or dismiss all that’s available to you so that all your choices are informed choices.

We support your informed choices and we guide you toward reaching the birth that you desire.

As a Conscious Birthing Guide

We'll take no more than one birth in any month to ensure our commitment to you and

your care is not compromised in any way.

We are all trained in-house at Hummingbird to know what complications could arise during the stages of

labour and how to respond to them. Again, we will first use techniques and remedies that are in line with our hands-off philosophy. We are trained to respond to emergencies and get

you the necessary intervention as quickly as possible. We only do this to save you and your babies’ lives.


A guide will discuss this with you in great detail during the birth planning process

(our plan b) and cover this again in session 5 of our hypnobirthing practice. It's better to have a plan b and

not need it, than to need a plan b and not have one!

This way everyone is on the same page and knows exactly what to do and how to do it,

maintaining a calm and comfortable approach.

We really do equip you with everything you need to make sure your birth is a safe and gentle birth.

It’s important that you feel a safe, familiar, loving environment that stimulates your 5

senses just the way you want it.

This way you truly can achieve a loving, calm, peaceful, relaxed ‘non-violent’ natural and gentle birth!

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Hi & Welcome, We Are Your Guides
Using The Breath of Birth & Beyond we are here to guide you through Conscious Conception, Birth & Parenting


The Doula with a camera, Capturing precious moments.


Cait brings a fresh, compassionate and sensitive approach to creating lasting memories of your birth experience 




Here to support and guide you, your soul and the souls that choose to birth through you on this earth walk to experience the power of sensual sovereignty as

we journey through the seasons and cycles of life.




Carrying forth the wisdom of her maternal lineage, Sofia has birth in her blood, now emerging with fresh knowledge and skills to accompany you on your home birth




I see you.

In Truth. In Being.

In life. In death. In birth. 

I am Waving Being.

Enter the womb constellation

with me. 


Meet Your Guides
Michelle Profile.JPG


A mother of two natural home births, Michèle brings her respectful wisdom, clarity and calming presence to your birth experience, offering...


Priya Profile.jpg


Honouring the flow of life, Priya brings tender loving care through her presence, movement and touch. Her experience as a nurse and mindfulness teacher, together with her connection to nature, will assist and empower you through the whole journey.


Mary Profile.JPG


A natural nurturer, Mary brings deep presence, care and attention as a trauma informed conscious birthing guide supporting single mothers and mothers to be at birth, offering a blend of yoga, massage and hypno~birthing to support your experience.


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photo OF NENA_edited.jpg


I believe Mothers are at the root of our existence and the world can heal through the way we are

and raised.


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Becoming Conscious Birthing Guides

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