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We don't just want you to have a great experience with us, we want you to be AWAKE!

Our packages are tailor made to meet your needs right where you are, whether you are wanting to become pregnant, are already pregnant, had your baby and require postpartum support, lost your baby or had a terrible birthing experience you would like to re-dream.

We co-create the package that brings out your hearts desires.

Each Guide has her unique gifts and talents she has to offer and so your able to cheive a combination of the following.

Doula Support, Courses in Hypnobirthing, Womens Retreats, Birthing Ceremonies/Baby Showers, Womb Preparation, Yoni Steams, Womb Closing Ceremonies, Re-dreaming past Birthing Traumas, including your own, Placenta Wisdom, Encapsulations and Tinctures etc, Shiatsu and other Massage, Use of our books, videos and educational resources, Ante-natal birth preparation classes and Birth Plan creation. Pool Hire, equipment rentals, balls, rebozos and slings, Photographs during your labour and capturing the birth, Birth Record/Story, Elimination Communication/Diaper Free support, breastfeeding and winding tips and support and so much more.

Whatever your needs i'm sure we have the perfect Guide here for you. 

Baby's Grasp
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Baby's Grasp
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We place great value on what we offer to the birthing world as
Conscious Birthing Guides

At Hummingbird we understand that every birth and every mother or couple are different and we will work closely with you to design a package of care, support and guidance that works for you.


Our aim is to work with everyone choosing conscious birth regardless of your financial situation.

So we create a tailored birthing experience to suit your needs.

Feel into our services below and get in touch

Empowered Hospital Birth
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Sovereign Home Birth

All the support you need to be empowered for your natural

hospital birth 

Rights & options

Birth plan

What to pack

Birth your baby safely in the comfort of your own home, naturally, unassisted or with support  

Create your birth sanctuary

The breath of birth

Registration rights

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Conscious Conception

If you are wanting to become pregnant, theres a way to prepare your womb space to make it fertile to recieve the seed of a child, grow & nurture it until its ripe and ready to birth.

If you have had trouble becoming pregnant there are techniques available that we can try, before you have to go down the route of expensive IVF.

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Conscious Parenting

Who is this child I have birthed, that did not come with a manual on how to look after him?

If you feel you need or would like extra support to prepare yourself for parenting before becoming a parent, or you are a mummy and\or daddy already and would like to learn tips on how to parent your child consciously.

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Conscious Release

The next chapter, the souls journey from the material seen world to the energetic and unseen world.




Theres a space to speak through and explore further your feelings around the death and dying process.

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