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At Hummingbird we believe in gentle birth.

Therefore, we operate a hands-off policy. This means that none of our guides have been trained at a university

to carry out medical procedures such as internal examinations, administer drugs such as

the epidural, morphine or any other. 

We have no incentive or motivation to push you toward having unnecessary procedures such as

a caesarean section.

We are not trained to use the medical machinery used in most hospitals and therefore we don’t.

We believe that prevention is better than cure. 

So in the first instance we provide excellent service and care to ensure your pregnancy is healthy and free of complication and/or risk. We do this by assisting you holistically using and sharing with you our applied knowledge and natural methods to keep you healthy or to treat any symptoms that may show up.

We will empower you by directing you to the well-researched knowledge that’s out there to support

or dismiss all that’s available to you so that all your choices are informed choices.

We support your informed choices and we guide you toward reaching the birth that you desire.

As a Conscious Birthing Guide

We'll take no more than one birth in any month to ensure our commitment to you and

your care is not compromised in any way.

We are all trained in-house at Hummingbird to know what complications could arise during the stages of

labour and how to respond to them. Again, we will first use techniques and remedies that are in line with our hands-off philosophy. We are trained to respond to emergencies and get

you the necessary intervention as quickly as possible. We only do this to save you and your babies’ lives.


A guide will discuss this with you in great detail during the birth planning process

(our plan b) and cover this again in session 5 of our hypnobirthing practice. It's better to have a plan b and

not need it, than to need a plan b and not have one!

This way everyone is on the same page and knows exactly what to do and how to do it,

maintaining a calm and comfortable approach.

We really do equip you with everything you need to make sure your birth is a safe and gentle birth.

It’s important that you feel a safe, familiar, loving environment that stimulates your 5

senses just the way you want it.

This way you truly can achieve a loving, calm, peaceful, relaxed ‘non-violent’ natural and gentle birth!

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Create the birth of your hearts desire
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