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We are first accountable to ourselves, supporting each other as co-guides
Then we are accountable to you.


To this end each of us continues to do our inner work, meaning that we recognise that what we are is ultimately that which we bring into each birth, our own baggage, fears, limitations, projections, wounds and past traumas.

We actively seek support for our own healing in order to show up for you as a clear vessel.

Our commitment to ourselves allows us the space to effectively guide you in the direction with your birth that you identify you wish to go.

Therefore we hold each other accountable as Conscious Birthing Guides to make sure we are each

doing our own inner-work and supporting each other through it. We want you to be completely satisfied

that we came into this relationship with integrity, doing exactly what we say we will do.

You can hold us to our word.

In the event you are not happy and you do not receive satisfaction after speaking with your guide.

You can approach anyone in Hummingbird and we will work together to bring a resolution through arbitration.

Our Commitment to You. 

At Hummingbird we take a multidisciplinary approach to training, embracing both classroom based teaching and hands on holistic practice gleaned from observed teaching of indigenous and contemporary cultures.

We combine best practice from a range of sources to ensure that you receive the highest level of professionalism in the way we work with you and any third parties we engage with on your behalf.

We have set our standards high as we strive to be the best.

Conscious birthing guides really 'do no harm'. We do not give medications or perform medical interventions. Rather, we are trained, like any good midwife to make the right call at the right time and because we have first built a foundational relationship of trust with you. (The mother trusting in herself, and us reflecting that back to her) our 'call' will resonate with you, in so much that, we are always ensuring your safety In a way to preserve life.

Fundamentally the Conscious Birthing Guide doesn't do anything to you or on you, without your full conscious informed consent, or by your request; therefore, the onus and responsibility is on you to conduct thorough research to make informed choices in alignment with your desires and intuition. You decide how you want your birth to be, where you want it to be and with whom you want it to be with.

Essentially, the role of every conscious birthing guide is to affirm your choices and hold space for you, being present in the moment every moment as a support and reflecting mirror, constantly reminding you of all that you are, all that you are capable of doing and ultimately your sovereignty, living & birthing your hearts desire!

We respect the confidentiality of everyone we work with. We do not discuss your private affairs

with others, nor do we post anything on social media about you that could breach confidentiality.

We respect your privacy and dignity.

Ongoing Training 

We are committed to the evolution of our continued learning both as individuals and sharing what

we learn as a collective. Yes, it’s important for us to read books and watch educational videos,

as well as take specific courses for our development in a particular field.

Yet it’s equally as important to learn from what we do and from one another.

Each birth is unique so this gives us an opportunity to learn through the experience that each one brings. We don’t look at a birth and label it ‘good’ or ‘bad’ we look at it as an experience. We see how we applied ourselves,

how we made a difference, what we could do to improve on ourselves for the next time etc.

We can reflect as a whole and self reflect, this way we are always applying what we learn.

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Becoming Conscious Birthing Guides
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