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The Cycle of Birth, Life, Death & Re-birth
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Whilst every pregnancy is hoped to bring forth a child, the truth is, this is not always the case.
Some pregnancies complete as a miscarriage, others, still born, it's common that twins can be there to begin, yet for only one emerge alive;
Due to this occurring at any phase of the pregnancy, some mothers may not even be aware that they were ever carrying twins to begin with.

Souls choose to incarnate and live an earthly life, others choose not to enter the vehicle/body being created in the dark depths of the womb.
Whether a baby emerges alive, or not, all pregnancies are preparing the mother and father to become parents to that being, which is a lesson, or, the lesson of the departure is preparing the couple but in another way.
Either way, theres a preparation
and a lesson.
Those whom are aware, present, attentive and open, will be able to find out just what it is all about!

In being so interested in birth, I quickly learned I would equally be immersed in learning about death and dying too.

Have you ever heard of a death doula?
Yes equally one can doula through birth as death.
I quickly realised that I was not just a Guide, seeing souls come
in, that I am also a Guide, seeing souls go out.
One cannot be separated from the other, death and birth being two sides of the same coin, one cannot exist without the other, thus the cycle is, a continuum of birth, life, death & rebirth and so on...

Our understanding of death is super important and impacts how and for how long we grieve.
Our belief that death is the enemy and the end, can prolong pain and suffering.

Through the breath of birth and beyond, these tools can support you to re-dream your experience.
See your experience through fresh eyes.
Regain power where you once felt disempowered and claim back your sovereignty, where it was lost.

You also have many choices following a passover that you may not be aware of and would benefit greatly by speaking to a Guide, having her walk through the grieving process with you, being guided through which decisions you would like to make and having your rights and wishes upheld, feeling respected, supported and honoured throughout.

If you have been touched by a pregnancy that did not continue. Or a still birth.
You may have taken a decision to have an abortion, yet have not fully come to terms with your choice.

Or received a birth by c-section, but feel robbed of your process unable to integrate how to be a mother, because you were asleep and woke up to see a baby you have no idea how he/she got there.

A Conscious Birthing Guide may be able to support you!
If you would like to talk, please begin by booking a consultation with Lex.

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