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Serving mothers beyond birth...


Mothers are the root of our existence and provide the foundation of our health and development. They are naturally responsible for our initial experiences coming into this world. It is our responsibility as human kind to protect and take gentle care of our mothers in support of the evolution of humanity. Witnessing a lack of resources and advocacy for women and their health has inspired me to transform my career in aid of mothers through my skills as an assistant, advocate, and creator of space for physical and emotional healing.

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Throughout my life, I strived to have a good relationship with my mother and have questioned why we have struggled to connect with each other. Overtime, I realized how much my mother’s traumatic experience in the hospital along with a lack of empowering emotional support has directly impacted our relationship and my own emotional reflexes. Reality has shown me that we are not alone in our struggle as the ways of our society have produced emotional disconnect between many mothers and their children.


Absolutely every experience a pregnant and postpartum mother has directly impacts the development of their babies and our future. According to Bruce Lipton, PhD, the first seven years of our lives are critical because, as cellular beings, we are in a phase of downloading information that creates our subconscious, conditioned responses. Experiences in the first seven years of our lives influence the way we see the world, the way we cope with our emotions, our health and development, our beliefs and thoughts, our behaviors, and everything else involved in being human. As a community, we cannot take for granted our natural duty to provide a conducive environment for mothers, bringing our future into life. As a society who wishes to progress, we cannot ignore or slight the needs of women as our evolution depends on their health.


Following Lex’s guidance and mentorship is an honor and most valuable educational experience as she has cared for many mothers around the world. Conversations with mothers who have been guided by Lex have fueled my engagement in birthwork. Guiding Lex through her first 40 days after birthing her seventh child on her own, has inspired me to move forward with postpartum service to mothers. Becoming a Conscious After Birth Guide is a great calling that I come to with compassion and humility.


While I am based in the United States, I also support mothers around the world. Please reach out if you seek support through any phase of your postpartum – after birth and beyond.


*Ask me about my 40 Day Tiny House Retreat project!

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Experiences with Nena


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Lex "Queen"
Founder of Our Hummingbird

How do I fit 42 days of service into a few lines to give a testimony for this woman? It's not easy, any new mother knows what they go through postpartum and being my 7th baby is no exception. In fact I feel I needed more, more time to heal, more time with my baby uninterrupted, more care. Of all of my births this was the first time I had an after birth guide.


Nena made all the difference to my postpartum experience. I didn't have a partner, yet she made up for it. She was my shoulder to cry on when I needed. She never judged me or made me feel small. She was able to hold space for me so that I could process many emotions that came up for me about not having my partner. She healed my wound when I had suffered a labial graze during birth. She was a buffer between me and the world. She shielded me from anything that would be negative in my field or cause me stress. She cooked for me every day and made nutritious meals to support healing and creating nourishing milk for my baby.


She brought her love and care to me in all ways I required and when I needed it. Something that really stands out to me is the way she was able to give, it felt endlessly without ever being passive aggressive or resentful. She never did anything begrudgingly. She was relentless in her ability to show up to meet me and to give. I have been loved, cared for, and nourished by Nena and I have felt every drop.


My first 42 days postpartum have been the best retreat, so good, that when we reached the 42nd day, I was not ready for it to end.

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