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“Prepare for your life to be transformed.”

Monday, Oregon, USA

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At Mamahaven, we honor the sacred 4th trimester with an approach rooted in ancient traditions from around the world. Historically and still practiced today in many cultures, the first 40 days postpartum are a revered period where the new mother is encircled in nurturing care. She is relieved of all responsibilities beyond nurturing herself and bonding with her newborn, cocooned in a protective oasis meeting her emotional, spiritual, and physical needs. This precious time allows the mother's body to gently heal and restore itself after the rites of birth. According to Traditional Ayurvedic wisdom, these 40 days set the foundation for the next 40 years of a mother's life journey. Mamahaven provides this modern yet timeless nurturing sanctuary where new mothers can slow down and be fully present with their babies, learning firsthand through deep observation how to intuitively mother. What makes Mamahaven truly special is our immersive learning exchange. Students join us to receive training in our ancient, woman-honoring postpartum care practices by supporting the mothers under experienced mentorship. This creates an enriching, full-circle environment of sharing wisdom between generations. We are devoted to guiding each mother's transformation by creating the space to restore, to listen to her intuition, and to receive the teachings her baby offers. Our philosophy returns to the roots of birth as a sacred, feminine-led experience so each mother emerges empowered in her new form.

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