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Conscious Birthing Guides.

I coined this term during my time in Bali in 2018, following a rather unpleasant post-partum experience. This was an opportunity to get clear about myself, what I do, don't do, why and what I bring to the world of birth. How do I show up and how is this different to what anyone else is providing?

As time has gone on, so has an expansion, now conscious birthing also encompasses the preparation before pregnancy, so, conscious conception. Supporting the birthing mummies and their counterparts into becoming co-parents, hence the term, conscious parenting. Spurred my natural curiosity into death and dying, so now a guide can also guide through conscious release.

In 2021 whilst at a dance class in Portugal a man i partnered with happened to be a life partner of one of the women taking my course at the time. He told me how much he had heard about the course and how delighted he was for his partner to be learning so much, he also said, "The title Conscious Birthing Guide is a bit long, I was trying to think of ways to shorten it". So far he didn't come up with something I felt I could trade with and the title meant to much to me that to stay true to the original upload and integrity of the title, I was not ready to change it.

Last night, in the early hours of the morning of Wednesday 19th January 2022, I received another upload.

It is as follows....

The evolution of the title 'Conscious Birthing Guide' be shortened and represented by the name/word/title GUIDE!

There we have it, we are now your Guides, using the 'Breath of Birth & Beyond', we are here to Guide you through your Conscious Conception, Birth, Parenting and Conscious Release.

Closing Ceremony, May 2021,

Lex presenting certificate for 'The Conscious Birthing Guide' to Cait.

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