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Our Hummingbird Website One Year Anniversary!

Updated: May 11, 2023

A year has flown by since the Hummingbird spread its tiny wings and hummed spreading its mission of conscious birth nectar around the globe!

Well, something like that. Truth be told I sent out the launch to my close friends and family on my email contacts list and WhatsApp and Telegram. When new people found out about me through word of mouth and I heard that typical phrase "Do you have a website?" I felt proud to finally announce "yes I do" and send them to

Apart from this not much else has happened. Why?

To be honest tech is not my thing. I am very much a face to face, hands-on person. I do not do well sitting in front of the computer and I have no idea about SEOs and the rest of the jargon and skills required to do what it really takes to make the website really work to create income for us. Its been said "a bad workman blames his tools" you should see my tools! They are either non existent, or that old if a couple pages are open the system crashes. Having constant tech problems is deflating making it even harder for me to learn. I know social media is the future (as well as the now). Even my attempts to move forward in setting up Instagram and TicTok accounts have not gone particularly well for me.


I don't post! (smh.)

I know! I know! it kind of defeats the object, but hear me out. I live my life very much in the here and now and for this reason I am busy immersed in the experience of the moment, that a stop to film actually takes me out of it. I am natural being me and do it quite well, but when I have to put up a camera, it feels too much like a 'set up' of sorts and it feels less authentic to me. However, I have produced a few video interviews that have captured my authentic self...somewhat.. I think... you can find me here on Youtube

I'll let you decide :-)

I can tell you that I have constantly pulled myself out of my comfort zone facing these tech challenges, even to co-collaborate to build the website, set up the accounts, create some media etc. I have learned so much and am proud of myself, yet what I've realised is that it's very hard doing all of this as a team of one. It's why my website is not maintained and having as far a reach as it could, why this blog should have been out on 22nd Feb, yet it's two months late as well as many other things that are screaming to be done. I do hear my friends say "don't forget you also had a baby 1 year ago, be kind to yourself."

I do want to take this moment to say a huge thank you to Nena, with her admin skills she has supported Our Hummingbird over the past 4 years and I honestly couldn't have come this far without her.

What I have come to realise is that over the years I had been slowly creating Our Hummingbird through word of mouth and that in and of its self is magnificent, yet because I believe so much that every woman deserves to have an empowered natural physiological, sovereign birth, regardless of whether they can pay or not, means I have given all I possibly can doing this much needed work serving those who need it the most, not necessarily to those who can actually pay for it and when I have met those who can pay, I've been told I've been under charging.

On this journey I've had to learn so much more about my value, the experience, skills, ongoing learning, time care and attention I give and the wisdom I have amassed over these years, there's great value in the wonderful service that people all over the world are receiving from me and through Our Hummingbird.

I want so much this year to strike the right balance, Our Hummingbird is growing and me and Nena cannot manage the expansion alone. It's our goal to build a small team of people who truly believe in the Our Hummingbird mission and want to help it reach the people who need it the most.

Could you be a part of our team?

Therefore, I'm also making it my goal to create income for the team so that Our Hummingbird can maintain, extend it's reach and function more effectively & with efficiency and most importantly continue to provide great education programs and excellent service to all those seeking it.

I want to express my gratitude for the power of exchange how through this medium we have managed to add value to each other, to Our Hummingbird and the lives of others. Without this, we would not have come this far.

Are you able to support in any way?

I am adding to our page a donate button. I ask, if you love what we are about and want to support the mission and/or if you have received wisdom from me that you have been able to use to better your life and circumstances, whether it be about birth, pregnancy, post-partum, conception, parenting, souls passing or relationship dynamics between masculine and feminine principles, anything! then; Can you buy me a coffee? Not really! I don't drink coffee, but I'll take a Chai tea instead! :-)

Thank you so much for all your support and remember all sovereign beings member to member transactions are a non taxable event so please click here to become a member first. Membership is free!

So much love from Our Hummingbird to you.


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