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Our 2nd Year!


I am super happy to be writing this blog. I want to update you on what's been going on the past couple of years since our launch back in 2022.

After our launch in February, the next major event that happened was the birth of my baby boy in Tejakula, Bali

He is my 7th baby, Komang Balik! meaning 'Komang returns'. Born in April a very easy and quick labour. Almost pain free upto transition. My babies head cushioned by the water bag was back breaking. I felt like I left my broken body on the altar of birth and fashioned myself a new one. Especially as my following 40 days were attended by my friend trainee Guide, Nena. She cared for me around the clock, physically, mentally and spirituality by creating a bubble of protection which she maintained beautifully so that I only need focus on my baby. Those who come on the trainings will find out why this was super critical for me because my baby, well, he wasn't anything I've ever experienced before. Together we experienced 2 births and countless Closing bones ceremonies before leaving the island in November.

Since leaving Bali in November 2022 Komang transitioned to Kelyle reuniting with his family in the UK. He and I travelled to Brazil, March 23, we supported the birth of Gabis 3rd Baby which was such a completion as I was with her for her first baby in 2016. Hummingbirds were showing up all the time even in the house where we stayed.

Then we travelled to Ecuador in May 23 and delivered 3 talks and 2 training sessions, Closing the Bones and the Breath of Birth and Beyond.

We journeyed on to New York, New York and then arrived in Mt Shasta, which was such a wonderful place. We launched 'The Hummingbird Way International Ministries' A Private Members Association for all those wanting to stand on and protect their sovereignity. We attended The Goddess Festival here, which provided an opportunity to meet with women and talk about birth and mothering and inner child trauma. We also delivered a workshop on the Breath of Birth. We got to stay with Nena who was now quite pregnant with her 1st baby!!!

We returned to the UK In August 23 and have remained here since then. My focus shifted totally, I became fully immersed in mothering my own children.

I realised I had been taking my children along with me all over the world and they were done traveling. I had to revisit my priorities. Leave my children to support other women, which can be to the detriment of my children, or give my children that which they need that I will leave to give to someone else? Well, it was a no brainer. Actually a choiceless choice. For the first time my mission I'm the world fell away and my mission became mothering my girls 13, 11 & 8 and my baby boy. I realised that I actually needed support, that breastfeeding my baby boy was enough and I needed to be taken care of so I could mother him at least until he turns two, that I shouldn't be having to think about the roof over my head or the bills being paid. It was perfect timing, an opportunity for Kelyles father to provide for us, we began a co-parenting relationship where the children were at the centre of our focus, homeschooling them and meeting their needs, especially as our oldest is transitioning from a child into a woman. Wow! What a journey it's been. I've learned so much, even more than I could have anticipated.

Now I am getting ready to spread my wings again. I'm looking for donors to support Mamahaven, spreading the word about the Mamahaven Project. This is what I'm gestating now, what has come to me through mothering my children, really emphasising the need for 'the village' and the first 40 days postpartum; the care required to nourish a mother and baby!

I will write a separate blog about Mamahaven for you!

I'll leave it here for now.

Sending love

Please get in touch if you want to be a part of Mamahaven.

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