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The Mayan Story of the Hummingbird retold!

I find it fascinating. That i didn't know this story before my encounter with the Hummingbird back in 2015 in Ecuador.

Yet, the whispers of the messengers message to me i heard loud and clear that i listened followed and wrote of it in my very own Hummingbird story.

Here, the Mayans confirm what i was shown, the Hummingbird carries messages, not only from here, the land of the living, but also from the land of the unborn, the soul wanting to incarnate into a babies body, and even, from the land of the dead, a soul who already departed from a body and continued its soul journey on.

This is such an amazing confirmation.

One that brings tears to my eyes.

The connection between me, the hummingbird and birth.

Even now. I am visiting in a country where Hummingbirds do not exist.

My first meeting to talk about orgasmic birth was at. Villa Kolibri!


Kolibri is spanish and i think Indonesian for Hummingbird.

The magic of this connection never ends!!!

Please share your Hummingbird story!


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Conscious Birthing Guide

This is my hummingbird story, Lex accompanied me in my pregnancy preparing a birth with LOVE, giving security, relief, wisdom to trust my baby and body, she told us that when it was the day of delivery a Hummingbird appeared, at the moment I started labor, Lex couldn't assist me because he had to travel more, he left a lot of confidence in me, a friend prepared Julieta and material to attend the birth, and just at 10 in the morning I see a hummingbird in the garden of the house, the contractions and at 1:30 in the morning my son was born 💜 super grateful for all the support and LOVE I received during pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and maternity,…


Conscious Birthing Guide
Conscious Birthing Guide

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