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The Portal Launching Today 02.02.2022

I'm absolutely pleased to announce that is finally ready for release.

As takes flight reaching all the four corners of the earth.

May it touch people's lives, right where they are, with gifts of inspiration, wisdom, encouragement, support and guidance beneath the continuous flapping of her wings!

The Hummingbird's beauty exudes lightness, speed and agility.

Pollinating the planet, spreading this message to conscious beings to prepare for conscious conception, birth and parenting. For training in the Hummingbird Way and building empowered birth centres internationally.

As the Hummingbird naturally sucks the sweet nectar of life, energising itself and sharing this sweetness with all beings worldwide, connecting conscious souls to an Awakened, Sovereign, Free Birthing Society!

Be like the Hummingbird. Help to spread this message far and wide, by sharing with everyone you know.

I say this, my heart filled with

Appreciation in Abundance and Unconditional Love!


Queen Alexandra

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